How to finger a penis owner

Wanna give your partner a prostate party they'll never forget? Fingering a penis owner can be a wild ride, and with a little know-how, you'll both be screaming with pleasure

 Get to know their anatomy

The prostate is the magical spot you're looking for, and it's tucked away just below the bladder near the rectum. But don't worry, you don't need to be a doctor to find it! The best way to stimulate the prostate is through the anus.

Get them warmed up

Foreplay is essential when it comes to prostate play. Start by massaging other areas of your partner's body, like their chest or thighs, before moving on to their package. Stroke that dick and play with those balls to get them hot and bothered.

 Tease that taint

The perineum, that sensitive strip of skin between the scrotum and anus, is a great spot to start your prostate journey. Give it a good rub or even try a vibrator for added sensation. Theodora works perfectly here 

 Lube it up

Anal play always requires a good amount of lube for maximum comfort. Apply some to the anus rim and inside, then add more to your finger or toy before you go in. We recommend water based as it is safe for your toys 

 Find the spot

It's time to go deeper! Insert your finger or toy into the anus about two inches deep, aiming towards the belly button. You'll feel the prostate through the front wall of the rectum, about the size of a walnut and firm to the touch. Ready to take your prostate game to the next level?

Check out these tips:

Start small

If your partner is new to anal play, ease them into it by starting with a small finger or toy. Make sure to trim those nails and use plenty of lube.

Take your time

Anal play can be a bit overwhelming, so give your partner some time to get used to the feeling of your finger or toy in their body. Once they're comfortable, start massaging that prostate! 


There are so many ways to massage the prostate - use a come-hither motion with your finger, tap it, stroke it in a circle, or even apply pressure without moving.When you find the right spot using fingers or a toy and your partner is comfortable start masturbating or giving them head at the same time. Doing this those at the same time may just well give them an orgasm of a life time. The key is to pay attention to your partner's reaction and ask for feedback.

 Fingering a penis owner can be a thrilling and satisfying experience. With a little practice, communication, and plenty of lube, you and your partner can explore the wild world of prostate play. So what are you waiting for? Get fingering!