Our FAVE 3 positions for better Anal

✨Our FAVE 3 positions for better Anal ✨⁠

1. Missionary ⁠

Heat up the intimacy by locking eyes. Press your knees into your partner's side and place your hands on their chest to control the depth. Place a pillow underneath your hips to achieve the perfect position for mind-blowing penetration. Ask your partner to use a vibe on your clitoris to intensify the sensation. Cleopatra or Razia are perfect to use while lying down⁠

2. Lazy Doggy ⁠

Perfect for shallow penetration. Laying on your stomach have your partner balance their elbows and take it slow. Most of the nerve endings are within the first 2 inches of the anus. If you want more stimulation use your vibe on your clitoris while laying down...Theodora would be perfect in this position ⁠

3. Doggy Style ⁠

Perfect for DEEP penetration, arch your back for deeper thrusts while your partner reaches around to stimulate your nipples or clitoris. Tilt the hips up and down so those deep thrusts hit the A-spot and give you a mind blowing O⁠. Reach around and use Razia our clit sucking vibrator.

Remember- Make sure you're fully relaxed, communicate what you both want and use lots of water based LUBE ⁠